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Homura Combat [PC]
« on: June 03, 2012, 01:48:30 PM »
No, I didn't write "Ace Combat" wrong. The game I am going to talk about today is a rather atypical one.

For starters, it's a "doujin game". An unofficial but regularly sold (in Japan. Here, we have to rely on even-more-unofficial english patches) game based on an anime or manga.

Homura Combat is based on the Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime. Yes, a Magical Girl anime, even if a rather atypical one (I'm going to say that a lot, yes). Now you are going to think that good old Sergio is crazy, since that's not exactly the favourite genre here at Coltgames.

However, the main character of this game, Homura Akemi, is a rather atypical Magical Girl...

Yep, this girl's got a rocket launcher nearly bigger than her. And it's only the beginning...

Wands? Staffs? Bows? Swords? Homura's answer to usual Magical Girl "weaponry" is you gotta be kidding me. Despite the setting, this is a third person shooter with lots of guns and explosives.

The gameplay is rather simple: kill all the enemies to finish the level. This makes the game perfect when you have only few minutes to play, or just don't want to play more complex and tactical shooters.

WASD/Arrow Keys - Movement
Spacebar - Jump
Ctlr/Shift - Roll forward. Useful for last-second dodge.
LMB - Fire your current weapon
RMB - Switch between weapons. You can select two weapons to carry in the mission select menu.
Q/Z/Center mouse button - Time stop, Homura's magical ability. This Bullet Time on steroids completely stops the action, allowing you to pump some more lead into an enemy or make a fast retreat. Use of this power darkens Homura's Soul Gem.

When you kill enemies, they sometimes drop power-ups.
Grief Seed: Reduces the Soul Gem's taint, allowing for more time-stop use.
Pink Ribbon: Each one slightly increases Homura's maximum health. You start out at 400, and I didn't find out the cap yet. (I'm currently at 1149)
Yellow ribbon: Health.
Green boxes: New weapons.

The graphics aren't cutting edge, but it's an amatorial work after all.

Purple jewel: Soul Gem. Shows how much time-stopping time you have left, and slowly recharges over time.
Vitality bar: Health.
Weapon: Shows your current weapon, the bullets left in the clip and the clip size. You have unlimited ammo, so keep shooting!
Radar: Shows where your enemies are. Really useful.

There are seven different weapons, and each one has three subvariants with different specs.
MK-46 (FN Minimi/M249): One of your two starting weapons. A rapid fire machinegun, good for big groups of weak enemies.
AW-4 (AT-4): Your starting rocket launcher. Hits pretty hard, but it hasn't a great firing speed.
MR-4 (M202 FLASH): One of the best weapons in the game. This rocket launcher has everything you need: good firing speed, good damage, high clip size, homing missiles. Keep always one in your inventory, at all times.
H970/973/979 (Mossberg 870): Your classic pump-action shotgun. Its short range makes it useless at higher difficulty levels.
L90 (Beretta M9): This little pistol packs quite a punch, and has the best range and accuracy of the whole game. The standard variant is great for weaking down enemies at ranges where the other weapons are impractical.
Gr.3/27/62 (M26 grenade?): Grenades. Tricky to use, as they require careful use of time-stop to outrun the blast, but they have the highest damage output of the entire game.
Type 64/32-2 (Unknown): Mortar. Once dropped, they fire autonomously. The trickiest weapons to use, however.

A lot of people think that Homura would be better suited for an American action movie.

The scenery is a (completely destructible) big city, with a lot of buildings that can be used as cover. It is supposed to look like Mitakihara, the setting of the anime, but graphical constraints plotted against it. The graphics are the weak point of this game: despite the usage of Nvidia PhisX technology the scenery objects are quite simple, and stand out against both Homura and the enemies, who are quite accurately modeled, and the particle effects, very realistic.
An odd thing is that, despite the abundant presence of water, Homura completely lacks a swimming animation, "hopping" on the water surface instead.

Chances are she's either Rambo's, Solid Snake's or JJ Colt's daughter. This amount of destruction can't be explained otherwise.

The enemies are mostly Familiars from the anime series, who are the classic dumb, but tough swarming type. However, the final boss is Walpurginacht, the Witch that put in motion a lot of the anime's plot (and, in this game, Homura actually manages to put her down for good), and there's an entire level in which you can shoot Kyubeys (The cute little animal who creates Magical Girls. It is later revealed that he is a rather evil alien instead).
If you saw the anime and didn't like Gen Urobochi's plot choices, this is the game for you. Also because, seriously, Homura in the anime unleashes 17 million dollars worth of military-grade weapons including anti-ship missiles against that Witch, and loses? Mr. Urobochi, we need to talk.

Die, you little cat-rabbit bastard!

Unfortunately, he has infinite respawns already in the anime.

Final score: 7.0/10
It's a quick and fun game, but there are several flaws. Still, a must have for Puella Magi Madoka Magica fans, especially if you liked Homura.
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Re: Homura Combat [PC]
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2012, 09:43:09 AM »
Great review Sergio; this Homura girl is a girl to my heart. "Got a problem, use enormous amounts of firepower to solve it" kind of attitude. I like that :)

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Re: Homura Combat [PC]
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2012, 09:41:27 AM »
Go google "Homura VS Walpurgis", or watch the final part of the 10th episode of the anime. I'm sure you'll appreciate her even more.

(In fact, this girl is the reason why I decided to watch the series.)