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World In Danger / Re: World In Danger released on Steam for PC and Mac
« Last post by black_mage#1 on March 28, 2017, 06:19:09 AM »
I would like to give you round of applause old friend. WID is a fantastic game that showcases your true skills in art, software development, and story telling.

 Bravo! 8)
World In Danger / World In Danger released on Steam for PC and Mac
« Last post by Colt on February 17, 2017, 10:39:35 AM »
World In Danger is finished and has been released on Steam for PC and Mac.

Link to Steam store page

Thank you for your long time support.
World In Danger / Become A Playable Character Contest
« Last post by Colt on September 19, 2016, 07:29:25 AM »
I'm holding a contest, but first check out the latest trailer:

View the latest trailer here; Oh be sure to watch it till the end ;)

With the progress going swimmingly I wanted to do something fun, and came up with a contest. Where the winner will be made into or designs a playable character in the game. Plus other become-character-prizes for the runner ups and even a participation prize.

An example of our good friend Sergio, who helped with dialog in the game.

Your character could either be you yourself or even a character from your own game (even if that is a fantasy setting game, we'll work together and design a modern military version of them. Should be fun to do.)

To play the contest, all you will need to do is earn a high score in a personalized demo version of the game.

Interested in participating? Want more info?

Go directly to the contest website on the World In Danger website.
If you've fully watched the trailer go to the World Army website (for those who like ARG'ing ;) )
World In Danger / Re: PROGRESS REPORT
« Last post by X-Tech on April 01, 2016, 03:05:14 AM »
" The last thing I want to do is disappoint my fan(s), but for the foreseeable future I don't see myself working on ptei any time soon.  "
So this is reason why PTEI content almost not exist on this forum anymore...Anyway good luck ;p

Link is Broken.

Anyway i founded demo i will test it. I think this is gonna be good.

Demo not working on my system (windows xp)
World In Danger / Re: PROGRESS REPORT
« Last post by Colt on February 09, 2016, 10:42:08 AM »
Reply to X-tech, progress report below

I can get where you are coming from X-tech. You really like the ptei series and wish that it would continue, and you are disappointed about my choice to pursue other projects instead. I understand that and for that I will apologize; I'm sorry that I haven't continued with the ptei series. The last thing I want to do is disappoint my fan(s), but for the foreseeable future I don't see myself working on ptei any time soon. 

Big news! I'm publicly revealing World In Danger to the world, by releasing a reveal trailer and a playable demo! See the trailer below and the link to the demo further below.

Download the demo for pc and give it a go. Please if you have the time, feel free to comment on your play experience. Criticism, bugs, or any questions. All feedback is welcome.
World In Danger / Re: PROGRESS REPORT
« Last post by X-Tech on January 31, 2016, 08:26:39 PM »
First of all respect for PTEI series progress but yes it stopped years ago - and yes this whole site was about hating pokemons in metal slug/contra style game - This was main site - magnet - AND THIS was all about - and yes there was a far more what could be done even in rpgmaker 2k3 in this kind of game view AND everyone knows that.

It's obvious is impossible to make game like this (ptei2,3) as commercial (cause illegal) but i dont understand idea to kill this amazing series anyway on forum and replace with game without main - site theme -which is about hunting pokemons. This is unimaginable.

I know you like your idea of making game for every platform on earth  but where is in it a pokemon hunt with lot of custom extras and where are PTEI2 PTEI2.5 on forum ? Seriously - just deleted and replaced with game -without hunting pokemons and without real theme of all this what is site about ?

No. Problem is not here that you like to make games by hard core in real programming language - problem is here that - all what about this forum was is gone - like never exist.

No i'm not insulting you cause you making game without RPG-MAKER. I cant accept all what this game was about is deleted from forum like did never exist and suddenly site supposte to be about something different - and yeah obviously nobody expect from this series to be 3-D obviously. What you learned with programming - good for you - but how it looks like not good for PTEI series.

Anyway interesting gameplay on videos from NEW game...Yes i can see some passion here but this is something NEW and DIFFERENT.
World In Danger / Re: PROGRESS REPORT
« Last post by Colt on January 30, 2016, 08:45:11 PM »
first a responds to X-tech, actual progress report is further down, below the horizontal lines.

Hold on a moment just there. You're saying the game series is ruined because of greed, because you think I'm now making games hoping to earn some extra cash with them. That the games where better when we (me and Blackmage) where better because it was on rm2k(3) and it was free and made with passion in our spare time.

Lets set the record straight. For one, you're an idiot to think that someone like me would try to make a game and bring it to the professional market/be a professional game maker for something as petty as cash. Sure people like that exist, they are the ones that make those crappy flappybird knock-off and sell it for 50 cent on the iStore/Playstore. But in my eyes, those aren't game makers; those are opportunist.
I'm making my game(s) and bringing them to the professional market with the aim to get the game(s) I make into the hands of more people; that more people can play it, on more platforms. And hope that they will enjoy it. That when they are done playing they'll think to themselves, boy that was fun!
I'm doing it so that I can make a name for myself in the game making industry, potentially be a professional game maker. Not for money, no, for the opportunity to make more games, better games.

You say that rm2k(3) is only limited by your imagination. Then I say your imagination is limited. I often consider about what I would want to make next, like any of us in the amateur game making community we think about dream projects and often even describe these dreams to our comrades. Heck we even had one on this forum here:
I've often thought to myself, what it would be like to make a game with the quality and gameplay of professional games. In full 3D, voice acted, with awesome music and epic storylines.
Thanks to my switch to professional tools (Visual basics, C#, Unity, Unreal4), I can actually see a possibility of making those ideas a reality. I've been working with these tools for a couple of years now and I've become very proficient with them. Now when I fantasize about making something like the next Metal Gear, I can actually see how to make that a reality; I can code it, I can make those graphics, I can make it work on PC, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, Android and Iphone! I can actually do it! I can make that fantasy game in my mind a reality!

Lacking in passion, you say. My friend, you have no idea how much passion and effort it takes to make a game. To use those spare hour a day, to tool away at your project and make it a little better. If you don't have passion, you can't even be a game maker.

If you consider rm2k(3) to be the pinnacle of game making software, then you are sadly mistaken. The RPG Maker series is an excellent stepping stone, the first for any potential game maker to quickly mesh together an idea into an actual game. I'll always be thankful for what I've learned from it, for the games I was able to make and share with like minded people. But if your really serious about game making, it is only a stepping stone.

Frankly, your post is rather juvenile. And I responded because I was rather insulted by your assumptions that I changed my game making ways because of greed. That my projects lack passion. No sir, I am not greedy, nor am I lacking passion. I am ambitious and hope to actually make my dreams come true; for that I will never apologize. I will try to make a fun game that is hopefully well received in the general gaming community. Hope to make a name for myself as game maker and continue to make bigger and better games. That is what RPG Maker all about, making dreams come true. My dreams have just outgrown RPG Maker and without taking a chance I can never hope to achieve it.
If your content with rm2k(3), by all means, continue to make your games with it. Have fun, but don't insult others for thinking bigger.

Now, for something actually on topic. There is progress, allot actually. In about a couple of weeks I'll be releasing a demo version of the game to garner some publicity and interest. For anyone who still visits here and is still curious to what I've been up to, here is a long gameplay video, featuring a playthrough of the content that will be available in the demo.

Feel free to comment on the video to let me know what you think or if you have any questions.
I recommend playing the videos at 720p60FPS, for the best result and the closest proximity to the actual game footage

Playing trough the first mission featured in the game and the demo. It also includes the main story premise in the intro.
note: The loading time might seem long, but that is because I'm testplaying it in the Unity Editor, it has to load the level there as well, which causes the additional load time

The second mission, this time featuring a different playable character and a different mission style; namely hostage rescue. With this playthrough I'm going for the stealth approach. Also featured on occasion is Marco's special move, the flash step, which he has instead of a secondary weapon.

The second mission again, now played with Rocket and with a full assault approach. As you'll see at the end, it'll effect the mission ranking.

The first boss fight including the story introduction to the boss. I first play it with the Sam character, but as you will notice her low health and moderate attack stats makes the boss really challenging and I have to retry with Colt. If you observe the previous videos you'll also be able to notice the difference in movement speed, attack damage and total health.

The free roam mode. You can walk around the World Army HQ as any of the four main characters and talk to the various recruits that have joined the cause; including the other main characters. This will give you an insight into there personality and also learn more about the World Army.

And some more good news, the games has been greenlight in Steam Greenlight, so it will appear on steam when the development has been completed.
World In Danger / Re: PROGRESS REPORT
« Last post by X-Tech on January 29, 2016, 03:22:02 PM »
Heh man you ruined it all...I remember how many peoples were coming when you making PTEI2 and hoping for PTEI2.5 which was suppose to be PTEI2 with lot of extra stuff. This game (in future parts) had potential to be something as much intensive as metal slug and as much custom and expanded as ptei2 it self (IN future parts). ptei 2.5 suppose to be expanded PTEI2 which lot of people wanted and it could bring back a lot of interest of site...just by some weapons at begining and some extras - work for few days to upgrade PTEI 2. Instead we get "THIS" Man loook- half and one year and no post on this forum. How much bigger was interests when you guys suppose to make PTEI 2.5 as free passion-full game with fan of PTE 2 expectations - and how much more was when you making PTEI3 as free game. No word about PTEI2.5. Topics of 2.5 delted - and instead we get "THIS &^&*" . I think you ruined it all - by GREED. It far more worse than previous representation of games and leads whole series to pit. Only PTEI 2.5 can reactivate interests of this site - but as full game and info what is done in it -  not a lot of promises in never ending about part 3. Power of rm2k3 is only limited by imagination and you started progress by this in next parts and you stopped it at this and forum put to sleep. Greed not help this series how i see and leaded this to pit casue original and for everybody it was about hate to pokemon games in action game play and that was key to fun. You cant make something like that as commercial games - so you decided to kill it ???

Remember PTEI 2 was not perfect game but maked with a lot of passion and extras which was almost not common in rpgmaker games . ABS had some little bugs and inperfections but man that had potential to be even better in next parts because was playable and interesting - just more weapons to it and some upgrades of battle system to be perfect - but anyway was almost very good and interesting with some issues but potential and fun was something there. Please stop this and continue old work - cause how you see greed lead this series to nothing. YOU NEVER SUPPOSE to change this series TO SOMETHING LIKE THIS. IT HAS TO BE FREE SERIES OF GAMES and at the side you could make some extra greedy project for cash not by ruining PTEI potential and inspirating power...Maybe is chance to reapair it by bring line of PTEI on forum and give PTEI 2.5 and start PTEI 3 - with upgrade elements of mechanics of PTEI 2.5 and go...and yeah you can make some extra "cash greedy" games at back but dont ruin series cause you want cash lol - you ruined this forum by GREED.
World In Danger / Re: PROGRESS REPORT
« Last post by black_mage#1 on August 12, 2014, 04:39:15 PM »
s3xy as always. Just dropping in to check out the great work!
World In Danger / Re: PROGRESS REPORT
« Last post by Colt on August 08, 2014, 03:55:10 AM »
In terms of cost friendly chopper I to immediately thought of the UH-1. It is still an excellent aircraft, if compared to weapons it would be the M16 of helicopters. Simple design, easy to repair, and relatively inexpensive. But like the original M16, it simplicity is also one of the reason I didn't pick it. Its single engine concerned me the most. Also... everyone has already seen that UH-1 in every movie ever made :P
The 412 would indeed be a better choice. 4 rotor, twin engine sounds allot more redundant. It's got excellent range and max takeoff weight.
As far as I know, they're aren't many or any choppers that can beat the Lynx in terms of cruise-speed and rate of climb. Originally I wanted to completely model it after the G-Lynx who managed to achieve a 400kph top speed, but I reckoned the naval design would better serve in all environments.

I'm glad I was able to capture the shape of the Lynx. That means my spriting was spot on ;)
It's still missing some effects tough, the rotor and tailrotor are still missing. The entire background is of course animated to illustrate the chopper going to the mission area.
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